Destruction and Creation

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Sometimes, you have to destroy something in order to build something better.”

Brandon Sanderson

We all have “stuff” that we have accumulated. Whether it is physical, mental or emotional. For most of us, this stuff is fairly well balanced. But sometimes, this stuff gets compounded, and a bit out of control.

In the physical sense, we call it clutter, or junk. In an emotional sense we call it baggage. The terms clutter and junk, usually apply to the physical. This stuff is stationary and non-moving. We can plainly see it, even if we choose to try to ignore it. Whereas when we talk about the emotional or mental stuff, we call it baggage; which implies we carry it around and travel with it.

Ok, granted, sometimes we use the term mental clutter. Mental clutter is the stuff we trip over and stub our toes on, not stuff that sticks around and build mountains. Mental clutter is annoying and temporary, like fog. It eventually lifts, usually when we get up and start moving. But mostly, we use the term baggage, and not in a compassionate way. Baggage is the stuff that we have packed up and always carry around with us. It is always waiting by the door. It implies permanence.

When the stuff/clutter/junk piles up, overwhelm is usually the result. And what happens when we get overwhelmed? Not much, meaning, our systems get overloaded and shut down. Like when a fuse pops, or the breaker trips, the energy no longer flows.

Humans are energetic beings. Our systems function the same way as a circuit breaker.

On a physical level, we dust, vacuum, mop, and spring clean our spaces. We sort, purge, throw away, give away or donate. When we literally move the physical stuff, it allows for a fresh, new start, both emotionally and mentally. Our physical “spaces” not only become lighter when we create “space”, but the mental and emotional ones do as well.

This fresh start was only accomplished by destroying what was previously there. Destruction and creation are an ongoing cycle. One always precedes the other. Destruction clears the path so that something else can be created. Think of planting seeds.

But as the saying goes, to everything there is a season, and what was created must also eventually die. This is the cycle of life. A never-ending circle. An orobouros. A mandala.

Recognizing that everything is a cycle can make it easier to allow for this process of destruction and creation. Growing up is an example of this.

As we grow up, we give up the things of our childhood and youth. We grow out of clothes that no longer fit, we give up the toys, blankets, and stuffed animals. We let go of childhood ideas and fantasies.

As the mind expands, some stuff gets consciously let go of, and we move on accordingly. But some of it gets shoved down into the unconscious mind and becomes the baggage we don’t even know we are carrying.

Physically, the clothes, toys, books, bags, shoes, etc, unless consciously gathered and purged, have a tendency to pile up and seemingly multiply, like gremlins that got wet. Our garages and closets become the physical equivalent of the unconscious mind.

The stuff is right there in front of us, but we don’t even see it anymore. We step over it and reach around it, but it takes too much energy to do anything about it. Until it gets to the point that we can’t not notice it, or when we can’t find anything. Or when it just gets so overwhelming that we finally call uncle and do something about it. Or call someone to help.

De-cluttering is soul work. Clearing out the stuff, whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual (spiritual decluttering is a whole topic on its own) gives us a new lease on life.

De-cluttering shifts the energy by clearing out the cob weds. It allows for new opportunities to be birthed. The trick with the physical stuff is to not get complacent. A little organizing goes a long way. Don’t let the piles of dust and junk go unconscious and unnoticed, nip it in the bud as soon as it starts stacking up.

Same with the emotional and mental, keep checking in on yourself and what you believe. Do the shadow/soul work to let go of outdated, unconscious thoughts and programs that may be running the show.

Life is an ongoing process of destruction and creation. It is a journey. You get to choose how you enjoy the ride.

Overwhelm and chaos, or calm and in control. The choice is yours.

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