Pinecones and Pineal Glands

I made it to 11,000 feet, just to then end of the 99 Switchbacks, but my friend had stopped a short distance back and was feeling the altitude.

With heavy hearts, and sour stomachs, we made the decision to go back down. It just wasn’t our day to summit Mt. Whitney, the highest point in the lower forty-eight.

Once back at the car, I threw my backpack into the trunk, took of my barefoot hiking shoes, socks, and jog bra. I was hot, overtired, nauseous, exhausted, and disconsolate.

I reclined the passenger seat of my trusty, silver, 2002, (that I got brand new in 2003 for a great price!) Subaru Forrester, as far back as it could go.

I had my left leg straight out with my foot on the dash, my right leg was angled off to the side, hanging out the door and my arm interlocked above and around the headrest. Not very ladylike, but I didn’t really care at that point.

My friend was organizing his gear in the trunk.

I was laying there quietly, recuperating, when all of a sudden, something whacked the hell out of my right leg. It felt like someone took a hammer to my thigh as hard as they could.

I bolted upright, yelped very loudly, and grabbed my thigh where the trauma had taken place.

My friend looked around the corner of the car and was like “What the ? Are you ok?

I was bewildered and confused. I was looking around like a maniac with my hand on still on my right thigh.

No one was around. No hammers anywhere. No broken glass. Just me. My friend standing near the trunk looking concerned and...

A huge pinecone partially under the passenger side door.

“You gotta be kidding me” I blurted out.

I looked at my leg, where my hand was still placed, Then looked up at the towering pine trees above me.

I removed my bloody hand, and right there, smack dab in the middle of my thigh, was a perfect imprint of that very large pinecone.

My friend helped me limp to the general store, where we got some bandages.

The clerk said that when those pinecones fall, they break car windshield. He didn’t need to convince me. I was surprised my leg wasn’t broken.

I got the leg cleaned up, hobbled back to the car, and picked up the pinecone. Seeing as it obviously wanted to get my attention, it was definitely coming home with me.

I have always been a believer that when something needs to enter your awareness, it will find a way. Whether it be by a sign, symbol, dream, person, email, or a gigantic pinecone falling from the sky.

I was still in graduate school for Transformative Art at this time, so my class “Art and the Symbolic Process” was still spinning in my awareness.

In this class, we picked a symbol (or more accurately, a symbol picked us), and we were to work with that symbol for the semester.

Part of the process, however, was that we were not allowed to research the symbol for at least a week. This way, the symbol could begin to work its magic on our psyhe, and start teaching its lessons before we “Goggled it” and started getting other interpretations.

It was in this space that I began internally working with the symbol “Pinecone”.

We still had a couple of days left in the high Sierras, and there were pine trees and pinecones all around to ponder.

The next day, we went to the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest, in the White Mountains, about an hours drive from Bishop, CA.

The ancient bristle cone pine trees are the oldest living trees on the planet. Some of them are believed to be over 5000 years old.

Hiking around there was like being on another planet. These things are twisted, gnarly, weather beaten, living art forms. I could feel the ancient wisdom emanating from them. My scar, freshly healing, was tingling the whole time. Apparently this “pinecone” symbol had some seriously ancient knowledge it needed to impart onto me.

At this point, without researching, all I knew was that most pinecones don’t release their seeds unless fire is involved, they also provide food and nourishment. And, they hurt like a mother when they fall twenty feet from a tree and hit you.

Pine trees belong to the family Pinaceae and the genus Pinus. There are estimated that there are over 126 species of pine trees in the world.

I started thinking about those words, Pinaceae and Pinus. Which brought to mind pineal – as in the pineal gland, also known as the “third eye” which is shaped like a pinecone, hence the name. Or a pineapple, which is also shaped like a pinecone.

My curiosity was definitely piqued to say the least.

I let it all simmer and work on me for about a week. I meditated with that pinecone. I put it on my alter. I sketched it. I drew it. I danced with it around my apartment.

And then, about a week after it fell on me, I finally did some research. And boy oh boy, a rabbit hole appeared, and I went tumbling down.

As mentioned, pine trees are the oldest living trees on the planet, so pinecones have basically been around, well, forever. They are symbolic of eternal and everlasting life, illumination, human enlightenment, the pineal gland, and the Third Eye.

Hindus, Greeks, Egyptians, and Romans, among many others I’m sure, all used the pinecones in their art and statues. In present day, The Catholic Church and in particular, the Pope use the symbol of a pinecone- on top of the popes staff is a golden pinecone and his coat of arms also features a pinecone.

I could go on with the history lesson, but you can read what other people wrote here:

and here:

My point is not to describe every instance where a pinecone has been used symbolically through out what we call history. My point is that when a truth needs to be revealed to you, it will be, if you are open enough to receiving the message.

And the message that “pinecone” had for me, seeing as I was willing to receive, was HUGE!

To recap, a pinecone fell from a tree, bloodied me and left a permanent scar on my right thigh now I’m reading about how all the ancient civilizations prior to ours revered the pinecone as possibly being the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge, and that the Catholic Church knew this, and usurped the information and hid it, as did every other ruling “religion” proceeding it.

I mean, if everyone awakened their third eye – their individual, Divine, all-knowing sovereignty, the church would not need to exist to mind control its flock, correct?

(image from pinterest)

It gets better though.

Not only did my search “pinecone as symbol” take me to all sort of ancient statues and images depicting the pinecone and its importance, but it also took me to numerous sites about fluoride in our drinking water, toothpaste, etc.

I’m not going to get into all the technical information, again, that is what the internet is for, you can google that for yourself. But here the basics:

Fluoride is a neurotoxin. It is a known endocrine disruptor. And guess which gland it targets? You guessed it- the Pineal gland. It causes it to calcify, and therefore stop functioning.

So, even if you don’t want to believe in so called “conspiracy theories” (which btw was a termed coined by the CIA to confuse and de bunk anyone who questions the official, programmed narrative), if you have an kind of critical thinking capability, you have to start wondering, don’t you?

Truth is so much strange than fiction.

Again, my point in this is not to write a technical research paper. It is solely to describe how I find myself and figure out what is “True” for me in this world of illusion.

The Scorpio in me wants to make everything that is hidden, unhidden. I’ve also got Leo on the cusp of my 8th house, so trust me, I want to shine a ginormous, construction sized, LED light into the shadows and expose everything!

Which leads to this question. What is Truth?

Truth with a capital “T” is universal. It is what affects us all collectively. Truth with a small “t” is relative. It is subjective. It is true for me that it is 90 degrees and sunny outside right now, but for you, it may be 20 degrees and snowing.

I dated a guy for a while who had Phd’s in physics and chemistry. The guy was brilliant. Challenging, but brilliant, but I digress.

I’ll never forget he said to me once, “The universe is so much crazier than you can ever imagine.”

And we, as little human beings with great big, huge, little “I” egos will never make sense of it all, especially if knowledge is being repressed and we are being poisoned, which is currently, and had been going for who knows how long.

If we as a population are sick and unable to recognize our “True” greatness and Divinity within, then of course we will look outside of ourselves for saving, and there will always be those beings that will be more than happy to “save us” according to their agenda.

But here’s the thing:

“No one saves us but ourselves. We ourselves must walk the path.” Siddhartha

And each one of us is here to walk our own path. You have your lessons to learn and I have mine. Or perhaps you think it’s just a walk to the grave.

Whatever you believe, you are right. It’s your life. I’m not here to tell you what to do or what to believe.

But regardless of your beliefs, your life does leave you clues.

And sometimes, those clues literally fall from the sky and land on you to get your attention.

The question then is: are you willing to open your “eye” and see them?

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